Jump starter with air compressor &mobile power support LCD screen tyre Pressure gauger&Outdoor Camping lights With 10200MA capacity, 500A Peak current and Peak output pressure 85PSI

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zhihai PAP-10A Multi-functional portable Car Jump Starter , Air Compressor
1:Small size, elegant outside & light weight,but different with some big & heavy jump starters, this one is small & light enough and so it can store in car
2: Life Saver: At 500A peak current,able quickly jump start any 12V vehicles about 20 times at full capacity(even though it is 5.0L petrol or 2.5L diesel engines), Built-in high capacity 10200mAh Power Bank,recharge your personal devices on the go, eg your smartphones, tablets, e-watches and so on ,up to 3 smartphone recharges.
3:Emergency flat tire repair:With the built-in high capacity rechargeable li-polymer battery,even without connecting external power cord but also can be provide 85Psi Maximum pressure to repair inflation, inflate a 205/55 R16 tire from 0 to 35 PSI only takes 4 minutes It can inflateyou tires (cars/bicycles/motorcycles), sports equipment (ball games/swimming rings) and other inflatable objects (air cushion/water toys).


Output Power: 31W
Recharging Current:5V/2A
Motor Power:45W
Pump Output Maximum Pressure:6KG
Pump Output Maximum Flow:50L/min
Pump Continuous Inflatable Time:10mins
Full Number of Tires When Fully Charged:6 pieces
Full power can be started continuously:20 Times
Battery life: 1000 Time Cycles
Battery Capacity:10200MA
Operating Temperature:-10℃-70℃
Product Net Weight:830g ;Gross Weight:1.4KG

Accessories included

1x Pair Battery Clamps
1x Nylon bag
1x Charging Cable
1X Pump Adaptor Set Kit 3 Pieces
1X 60CM long pump connector
1X User Manual

  • This compact and portable multi-functional emergency equipment can be conveniently stored in the car. Jump Starting function: built-in 10200MAH high-performance Li-Po battery up to 500 amp-hours, to boost gas powered vehicles up to 5.0L gas and diesel engines up to 3.0L with 12V battery.Jump start your vehicle up to 20 times on a single full charge.
  • Inflation function: The built-in battery and high-power air compressor provide maximum 85Psi inflating pressure even without external power cord, to inflate a 205/55 R16 tire from 0 PSI to 35 PSI within 4 minutes. In addition, it is also suitable for other inflatable items, such as balls, motorcycle tires, etc.
  • Intelligent control system: With the LCD display, the parameters are more accurate, the values are easily to be read. With four optional pressure units: PSI, bar, KPa, Kg / cm2, Compressor will be automatically shut down, once the preset pressure has been reached, no focus on inflating is needed. Each constant inflation will be automatically stopped in ten minutes to prevent the overheating of the air comporessor, so as to protect the compressor. Tire Pressure Gauge is also available.
  • Portable Power Supply function: The built-in high-performance battery allows you in case of an emergency to charge yourdigital products, such as smartphone, IPAD, etc.
  • Outdoor Lighting: 3 lighting modes as Steady on, Flashing and S.O.S. for lighting in dark or in an emergency.

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