Craftsman 18 Ounce Flex Claw Hammer


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  • INCREASED VERSATILITY – The Craftsman 18 Ounce Flex Claw Hammer has 4 different claw positions so you can get leverage when prying nails and boards
  • IMPROVE YOUR NAIL DRIVING ACCURACY – The large striking face provides solid contact with each blow
  • FREES UP YOUR OTHER HAND WHEN WORKING – The magnetic nail starter allows you to start nails with one hand
  • REDUCE HAND FATIGUE AND HAVE LESS ACCIDENTS – Ergonomic grip is designed for comfort and helps prevent slippage
Whether you need to hang a picture frame or are trying to pry out an old nail, the Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer delivers versatility and power to the palm of your hand. This combo flex claw features two great tools in one with both a 18 ounce hammer and an adjustable pry bar. The claw has 4 different locking positions, so you can customize your leverage depending on the job at hand. Hammering can take its toll on your hands quickly. To try and offset some of this, the hammer has a dual-material handle to deliver some added comfort for blow after blow. This claw hammer is versatile enough to handle simple home repairs to prying stuck nails that just won’t budge.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 4 × 1.6 in








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